Where buy gold?

The price of gold is currently soaring, and silver is almost at the same level. Markets continue making these precious metal assets rise as it seems they are the only investment havens that calm the investor (please forgive the repetition). Monetary stimulus is something that is currently needed and is being carried out.

Our principle motives to invest in gold

We are going to introduce you to ten reasons to invest in gold, proposing ten motives which show investing in gold is perfect.

  1. Gold is a safe investment in times of crisis, and this because it is the precious metal that sustains world economy and gives this value to each country's currency, which is why we should not doubt that it will never lose its value; it will fluctuate, but will certainly gain in value.
  2. Since 2000 it has quintupled in price, which because of the difficult crisis we are experiencing is a clear picture that the investor does not want to leave savings or investments to the variable and fluctuating form of foreign exchange or shares etc.
  3. Gold is a precious commodity and its production is at a standstill.  It is expected that in the next decade demand will increase. We only have to look at the Chinese market or the one of India which are currently dramatically increasing their demand.
  4. Gold is a rare metal and therefore we should not doubt that having this quality gold will always be difficult to lose on as it is key to the economy.
  5. It is a high liquidity investment and is not at all hard to sell and always recovers value.
  6. It is a physical and tangible non-volatile investment..
  7. Gold is an exchange currency which is internationally recognized and does not devaluate as paper money does.
  8. Investment gold is exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT) currently 21%.
  9. The demand for gold in emerging economies like China and India is increasing.
  10. Unlike paper money, gold can not be issued by the authorities nor is it subject to political party control.

For these ten compelling reasons, among many others, we can see a significant increase in the buy gold or buy silver stores and jewellers in the main cities of Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville, etc. Where diamonds, antique coins, and gold and silver bullion are also bought.

How can I buy gold safely?

While buying gold is currently one of the economic activities with the most profitable assets due to its decrease in production and extraction, you should consider some advice that will make the purchase of this metal safe, since you may have a potential dealer who will not hesitate to cheat and swindle any inexperienced buyer who has some money to invest in this precious metal.

6 pieces of advice for buying gold

  1. The first point you should consider is the company from which you will buying gold because the effectiveness of the operation in terms of profit and sales opportunities depends on quality guarantees and legality.
  2. It is preferable to obtain gold investment effectiveness with physical gold, as there are some securities allocated to a certain amount of gold, but there will never be anything better than having them on hand.
  3. At the time of purchase the purity of the gold must be clarified and you should remember that for it to be considered investment gold purity should be greater than 995 thousandths.
  4. Analyzing well the investment object will determine how to buy gold, ie.if you wish to put it in rotation quickly, it is best to buy small coins, if instead the intention is to leave it for a time, larger bullion should be purchased.
  5. Always ask for an invoice as it is the only way to legitimize ownership of the metal.
  6. To buy gold you need to know when and where to do so, for this reason you should follow the market closely and know every move it makes.

Why Buy Gold?

It is good to think about this transaction as a long-term investment, as the value of gold is quite stable and maintains the validity of the asset longer.

Is it worth buying investment gold?

A good investor knows all the variables before deciding to acquire one asset or another. The truth is that one of the key principles of investing is diversification: it is important to choose goods of different kinds, not placing too much in a single source. This is why many speculative trading specialists choose to buy investment gold as one of their investments.

Therefore hereunder we are going to describe in detail some of the factors that make gold a safe and profitable investment, and could lead an investor to enter this market, which differs greatly from trading with shares, currencies or other types of goods, which are maybe more popular in the business world.

Reasons to buy investment gold

Firstly, it is an affordable investment. This means more than one thing: the cost of acquiring gold is relatively low, no special conditions are needed to enter the market, and it is a well known asset that is obtained worldwide. This leads to another good reason to buy gold investment: its value is universal, and gold has been and still is one of the most coveted metals for many centuries.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of investing in gold is that its value fluctuates independently to that of other assets on the market, and for this reason it can even compensate devaluations of other investments. For a cautious investor, to diversify with gold is a great alternative.

Furthermore, in a rapidly changing and uncertain global market, it is important to recognize that many other options are no longer tempting.  Currencies traded are unreliable, and companies in many countries are subject to rapidly changing economic policies. Nothing better, then, than the possibility of investing in gold, its value increases in times of crisis, and it is the most transparent means of monetary exchange, and the oldest one.

Some suggestions for gold investment

The best practice is to establish a price at which the investment is appropriate, and comply with this figure to not miss out on good opportunities.

Finally, it never hurts to remember that investing in gold, whether in bullion or coins, carries an extra expense, which is storage, it is advisable to keep the goods stored in safe places, like safe-deposit boxes in trustworthy banks. This incurrs a monthly fee and this is a cost that must be considered when studying the return on investment.

As for any investment, the secret is to be well-informed. The best option for those who are considering buying gold is to investigate sellers, search for recommendations, study changes in the value of gold in recent months or years, and everything contributing to making safer investment decisions.